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Code Disciples is a blog for all things code. The internet is vast and is full of great content and mostly awesome folks who are always willing to help. However, sometimes, we run into a real head-scratcher that requires rummaging through heaps of documentation or tutorials and abusing Q&A sites until we hit that "eureka!" moment. Most blogs on Code Disciples stem from such painful moments of frustration. The site provides a means for me to document topics or scenarios that I struggled with when I first encountered them or subjects that I simply felt would be fun to blog about. I hope you find at least some of them to be useful.

The site is developed with Pelican and deployed using Netlify.

  • A reminder app with Python, Twilio and AWS Lambda

    In this post, we will create a very simple Python (v3.7) script that calls the Twilio sandbox API to send an event reminder via WhatsApp. The reminder details and the list of recipients will be stored in separate json files. To run the script daily, we will be creating a function in AWS Lambda.

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  • Embedding Jupyter Notebooks in a website

    In this post, we will learn how to embed Jupyter Notebooks in a website. The great thing about being able to embed notebooks is that either all or a subset of the notebook content, whether static or interactive can be made available directly on a website or a blog post. This is especially helpful for static sites (like Code Disciples) since the content can be added directly to the Markdown. Readers do not need to navigate to a notebook server or a repository to explicitly view the notebook.

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  • Pre-commit hooks for Python code

    Pre-commit hooks using black for code formatting and flake8 as a PEP8 checker

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